Bringing the best projects to the XODEX network



Tier-based system:

Users will receive an allocation for each project's pre-sale based on the number of XOPAD tokens they hold. This allows exclusivity and rewards for users holding the XOPAD tokens.
Projects will also receive support in marketing, branding, contract creation, funding and have the XODEX seal of approval. Further increasing the trust between users and the projects.

Staking rewards:

XOPAD holders will receive staking rewards whilst in their allocation pool.

Fair-launch platform:

Any project can publicly launch here for a fee. The platform will allow anyone to create their own token and initial token sale.
Projects will have the option to KYC to receive a KYC badge.
Users will need to use their due diligence if they want to invest in non-KYC projects.

All projects will pair with the XODEX coin for their liquidity and have the option to lock liquidity with the launchpad for user trust.

How does it work?



Investors can take part in pre-sales by purchasing XOPAD tokens which grant access to upcoming projects.


Project Listings

All listed projects get approved and vetted by the XOPAD team, receiving an approval badge.



Investors are allocated pre-sale tokens based on their staked XOPAD tier pool.


Users who wish to participate in pre-sales must stake their XOPAD tokens.
The number of tokens staked will determine the qualified tier, and each tier has a weighted pool allocation to create a fair launch system.


Starting at $50

In the bronze tier, you will receive the smallest weighted guaranteed allocation.

  • Allocation: Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tokens: 1M


Starting at $500

In the silver tier, you will receive a small weighted guaranteed allocation.

  • Allocation: Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tokens: 11M


Starting at $1000

In the gold tier, you will receive a weighted guaranteed allocation.

  • Allocation: Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tokens: 22M


Starting at $2000

In the platinum tier, you will receive a weighted guaranteed allocation.

  • Allocation: Guaranteed allocation.
  • Tokens: 44M


Starting at $5000

In the diamond tier, you will receive a weighted guaranteed allocation.

  • Allocation: Guaranteed allocation
  • Tokens: 110M

Starting price


Starting market cap $550,000
Circulating supply 10 Billion
Total supply 10 Billion



Marketing 4%
Development 4%



Marketing 4%
Development 4%
Liquidity 2%
Rewards 2%


  • Private Sale – 20%
  • Pre Sale – 15%
  • Liquidity PCS – 15%
  • Exchange Listings – 20%
  • Team & Advisors – 15%
  • Extra liquidity / burns – 15%

Frequently Asked Questions

The following information should help create a better understanding of XOPAD, the tier system, how it benefits users of XODEX and also how it benefits the ecosystem of XODEX.

Xo-pad is the official launch pad platform on the XODEX (XODEX) network, when the XODEX main net launches, we need a place for projects who wish to launch on the XODEX network, this is where a launch pad comes into play.

Projects will host their pre-sales on XOPAD, this allows users to participate in the pre-sale before the public launch, giving exclusivity to XOPAD holders. Just like other launchpads such as BSC PAD, Trust-pad, DAO maker etc.

All projects launching will also have to purchase the XODEX coin to use as their liquidity pair, just like every token does on the BSC and ETH network, you’ll notice XODEX is currently paired to BNB (XODEX/BNB) but once we are on our main network, all projects launching on XODEX will pair with XODEX, this increases the XODEX market cap, use case and coin price in the long term, creating stability.

XODEX is a blockchain utility token, it is used for the liquidity of all future projects that will launch on the XODEX network and the smart contract is written in a way that does not operate as a launchpad token.

XOPAD is a launchpad utility token which gives you access to pre-sales before the public launch on the XODEX network.

On the launchpad, you will purchase the pre-sale tokens of future projects with XODEX.

Projects will also purchase XODEX, this increases the use of XODEX, and also increases the market cap and token price of XODEX.

So XOPAD is your ticket to being first in buying new projects, and XODEX is the currency.

You can buy XOPAD on pancakeswap or XODEX swap.

XOPAD will host projects launching on the XODEX network, we are holding the pre-sale on the BSC network for increased awareness and fundraising.

All XOPAD on the BSC network will have a 1:1 value swap on the XODEX network and users will be able to stake their tokens from both the BSC network and the XODEX network

Proudly brought to you by the XODEX team.

If you do not want to purchase XOPAD to participate you can of course enter these projects when they launch publicly, but you do not get the best price and you risk entering when it has already done an x3, for example.

So the point is to reward users with early access to upcoming projects on the XODEX main network.

The price to enter the pools will be monitored and kept affordable for everyone so it is a fair launch system.

As the price increase, the token amount required to enter will decrease, and if the price drops too low then the token amount required will increase to keep it fair and accessible for everyone.

We issue a temporary tax system to generate revenue for the project and to decrease the appeal of trading to keep a stable price, this will be reduced gradually once other revenue streams are effective.
There will be an 8% buy tax and a 12% sell tax.


XODEX is a zero gas ecosystem, it launched in March 2022. For more information visit the XODEX website: